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Having a survey carried out on a property before you commit to buying it makes financial sense, as it can save you thousands of pounds in repair bills. There are various options available, and we can offer help and advice on choosing the type that meets your needs.

A mortgage valuation isn’t the same as a structural survey. A mortgage valuation is undertaken by your lender to assess whether the property you want to buy is sufficient security for your loan. It won’t tell you about the state of the property, or show up any underlying faults in the way that a survey does.

If the surveyor reports problems that need to be remedied, you could still decide to go ahead, using the survey findings to renegotiate the purchase price.

In Scotland, sellers must have a Home Report available for would-be purchasers, carried out by an RICS-qualified surveyor. New-build, converted homes, or properties purchased under Right to Buy don’t have to have a Home Report. However, purchasers should still consider having a survey carried out.

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